SuperBrady Author Assemblies

Elementary Schools

An Author Visit consists of SuperBrady arriving in his signature “B” shirt and red cape. Brady reads his book displayed as a presentation on a smart board. Then along with a sidekick (sibling or mom), they educate the students about inclusion, how to see people are more alike than different, and share SuperBrady’s tips on how anyone can become a Superhero of Inclusion. They then open it up to student questions. Material for teachers to share with students before and after the assembly is shared below.

This is a great experience for children to meet an accomplished author with Down syndrome who can share his achievements and from first-hand experience explain to the students the importance of making everyone feel included.

SuperBrady’s Author Assemblies work best for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, though children of all elementary school ages have enjoyed meeting SuperBrady.

Professional development Zoom presentations for teachers about inclusion in the classroom, conducted by Brady and his mom, are also available.

If you are interested in hiring Brady for an In-person or Zoom Author Assembly, or you are just interested in a Meet-and-Greet, please reach out to:

Scroll down for material you can use to prepare for SuperBrady’s visit.

Preparing for the Assembly

There are a number of ways you can prepare your classes for SuperBrady’s arrival. Here are some links to Video Clips, Handouts, and Educational Material for Teachers. Note: To watch the videos in full screen, click on the video and then click underneath the film where it says “YouTube” and it will give you the option to watch the video in a different tab directly on YouTube.

News Channel 12 Interview – SuperBrady is interviewed by a local news channel.

For Students:

SuperBrady Mocumentary – Fun video to show to your class to introduce the SuperBrady character.

SuperBrady’s Inclusion Handout – Download and distribute this educational handout to help prepare your students for the assembly.

SuperBrady Coloring Pages – Download these coloring pages for your students.

For Teachers:

More Information about SuperBrady

Online Interview: LINK to MAISONETTE POST

Poster For Your Classroom – Download and print a poster of SuperBrady’s Tips on how to be a Superhero of Inclusion.

Inclusion in the Classroom – Video by the Down Syndrome Society in Queensland, Australia that shows the difference between perceived and real inclusion in the classroom.

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