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SuperBrady and Alexx donated a book to their own elementary school, Westorchard.

In an effort to spread their message of inclusion, Brady and Alexx are on a mission to get “SuperBrady: A Story of Inclusion” into as many libraries as they can, especially elementary school libraries. To do this they are encouraging people to buy a book for their local or school library through Amazon SuperBrady is keeping a list of all the libraries where SuperBrady can be found. If you’ve donated a book to your school library, please email with the name of the school or public library so we can add it to the list below.

Send us a picture of you, your child, or your students with the book in your library and we’ll post it on our Instagram Page!

If you want to help their mission to get SuperBrady: A Story of Inclusion into as many elementary school libraries as possible, you can make a donation to their GoFundMe campaign. These donations will pay for the printing and mailing costs of the books so they can be donated and sent to school libraries across the country. Here is the link for their Fundraising page:

Below is the list of local and school libraries that now have a donated copy of SuperBrady: A Story of Inclusion. Help us make this list GROW! Email us at to let us know if there is a library you have donated to that we can add to our list.

    • Manchester
      • Manchester Elementary
    • Beverly
      • Ayers Elementary School
      • Centerville Elementary School
      • Cover Elementary School
      • Hannah Elementary School
      • North Beverly Elementary School
    • Salem
      • Horace Mann Laboratory School
      • Saltonstall Elementary School
      • Salem Town Library
    • Bedford Central School District
      • Bedford Hills Elementary School
      • Bedford Village Elementary School
      • Mount Kisco Elementary School
      • Pound Ridge Elementary School
      • West Patent Elementary School
    • New Castle/Chappaqua
      • Grafflin Elementary School
      • Roaring Brook Elementary School
      • Westorchard Elementary School
      • Horace Greeley High School
      • Chappaqua Town Library
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