In Libraries

SuperBrady and Alexx donated a book to their own elementary school, Westorchard.

In an effort to spread their message of inclusion, Brady and Alexx are on a mission to get “SuperBrady: A Story of Inclusion” into as many libraries as they can, especially elementary school libraries. To do this they are encouraging people to buy a book for their local or school library and to share with them the library the book now lives in. They are also conducting fundraisers where every “Superhero of Inclusion” T-shirt that is sold, pays for the printing of a book to be donated to an elementary school library. Here is a link to that fundraiser: Below is the list of local and school libraries that now have a donated copy of SuperBrady: A Story of Inclusion. Help us make this list GROW! Email us at to let us know if there is a library you have donated to that we can add to our list.

    • Beverly
      • Hannah Elementary School
    • Salem
      • Saltonstall Elementary School
      • Salem Town Library
    • Bedford Central School District
      • Bedford Hills Elementary School
    • New Castle/Chappaqua
      • Roaring Brook Elementary School
      • Westorchard Elementary School
      • Horace Greeley High School
      • Chappaqua Town Library
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