Don’t change the way I look at the world.

Change the way the world looks at me.

As a 20-year-old young adult with Down Syndrome, my mission is to change the world’s perception of the capabilities of people with disabilities. I just graduated from an inclusive high school and received a New York Regents Diploma. I am also an advocate for inclusion in my community. I have many talents and passions just like any of my peers. I aspire to be an actor/model/advocate. I just became an author, writing a book with my sister about my life and the importance of inclusion. I am available for Book Readings/Signings, Guest Blog Posts, Teacher Professional Development Zoom Presentations, Community Appearances, Video Celebration Shout-Outs, and Commercial Modeling. Contact: SuperBrady Team

SuperBrady: A Story of Inclusion

One of Brady’s projects after graduating from high school was to take pictures from his photo library, redraw them and color them in on his iPad. He had done so many pictures, it made sense to put them into a book. Together, with his sister, a senior in high school, they wrote a children’s book about Brady’s life growing up with Down Syndrome and the importance of inclusion. They hope to get the book into as many elementary school libraries as they can so young students can be taught how they can become Superheroes of Inclusion! Available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0990784037

Short Films


Dancing and Sports


Brady was the founding member of the EPIC (Every Person is Connected) Ambassadors in his hometown. The role of an EPIC Ambassador is to be an advocate for inclusion in the community. They actively participate in town and school events in order to shine the spotlight on their abilities and show how inclusion can work more robustly in their community.

Get Out the Vote Campaign. 2020 Presidential Election.


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